1. 18 May, 2018 2 commits
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      -Updated README.md · 6bd13e82
      Meelad Vahdat authored
      --Image is now updated
      --Service list updated
      --Application name updated
      Signed-off-by: Meelad Vahdat's avatarMeelad Vahdat <meelad@melissadata.com>
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      -Initial commit into new repository · b26c6573
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      Changes from previous version:
      *BusinessCoder (following changes made by Michael B.)
      - Options made more clear
      - maxRecsPerRequest increased from 5 to 100 (the service has been improved)
      - Fields now prefixed with MD_ instead of BC_
      - RecordID removed from input and output
      - Result codes now removed regardless
      - Input columns renamed so that they utilize the auto detect feature
      *All components (changes made by Meelad V.)
      - Sequential rerun logic fixed so that incorrect status messages are not shown
      - Plus4 mapping dropped in Services
      - RecordID mapping dropped in input and output of all services
      - Results output removed from all services as it is now returned regardless of    selection
      - Output file is filled by default when input file is fielded
      - Credits consumed are shown when a run is finished
      - Source is set for LWDT to be used by every service
      - Reporting module created by Tim S., Aria U., and Katie B., and integrated by Meelad V.
      - Input and output file textboxes will not validate if user enters texts and presses enter or leaves textbox (instead of solely being able to validate via the select input/output button)
      - Comments added throughout code to help reader
      Signed-off-by: Meelad Vahdat's avatarMeelad Vahdat <meelad@melissadata.com>